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ImprinTABle Copier Tabs

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ImprinTABle copier tabs are an instant solution for organizing tabbed On-Demand documents.

ImprinTABle copier tabs are specifically packaged to survive shipment around the block or across the nation. 

Our 90# Index Stock provides the flexibility needed to go across your copier transport system.

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The ultimate blank 
copier tab solution!

ImprinTABle index tabs are available within 24 hours in any cut from 2nd cut to 10th cut.  All cuts are available either uncollated or collated in single reverse, double reverse or straight sequence.

Standard 3 hole pre-drilling is recommended if you are using pre-drilled stock for the text pages.

Our packaging is designed to protect your tabs during shipment.

ImprinTABle index tabs come in cases of 1250 tabs.

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