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Pricing Factors include: 
(1) number of sets; 
(2) number of tabs per set; 
(3) size of the tab, 
otherwise known as the "cut"; 
(4) the paper to be used to produce 
the index tabs; 
(5) the size of the sheet including the tab; 
(6) the printing on the tab - is it one side, 
two sides, is it one color, two color, etc.; 
(7) do the tabs collate into sets or 
are they uncollated; 
(8) are the tabs drilled - if so, are they two hole, three hole, six hole or another configuration; 
(9) do the tabs get edge reinforcing to provide greater durability; 
(10) do the tabs shrinkwrap - if so will they be in sets or in pre-counted stacks of specific titles.


CUSTOM TAB TURNAROUND TIME: Orders are shipped in 5 to 7 working daysIf you need your tabs  sooner, rush is available at an additional charge.


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